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August 24, 2010
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If You Want Attention Stamp by AmethystKirby If You Want Attention Stamp by AmethystKirby
"If you want to get positive attention, respect and kindness, then you have to earn it. And if you're wondering why someone dislikes you or what you love, even when it isn't hurting anyone, then maybe you should shut up and learn the reason why"

This shouldn't even need to be said, but it does. It does so much.

People are always wondering why, why, why doesn't what I love get the nice attention that it deserves? Why are there so many haters? What did it ever do to hurt them?

I personally hear this a LOT from fans of certain animals, like wolves and foxes. They think they know all this stuff about their favorite animal and always try to defend it and think it only ever does good, and will always respond to "haters" with "What did they ever do to you?" And they never listen, even when someone has a legitimate reason to dislike something. For example...

"I just don't understand why people hate wolves so much. They're beautiful, they're intelligent, they're so loving and protective, and the Native Americans used to worship them! I mean, wolves never hurt anything or do any wrong, so why do people want them all dead?"

"Well, personally I don't like wolves because they killed my dog. They didn't even eat him, they just killed him and left. And my uncle was randomly attacked by wolves while he was hiking in the woods, and now he's missing a part of the muscle in his leg."

"Well duh, wolves have to eat, right? And I seriously doubt that he was attacked by wolves, because wolves never attack humans. Everyone knows that. And besides, even if it was true, he was on their territory so he deserved it. He's just stupid. And it was probably a bear. Bears attack humans, wolves are too scared of them."

"Okay..? But they didn't eat my dog, they just killed him. And why would he lie about something like that? I think he can tell the difference between a wolf and another animal."

"Wolves never just kill things because they feel like it, somebody probably just scared them away before they could eat it, which is dumb because they were hungry and it was already dead anyways."

"Wolves attack things all the time, they're wolves! They hunt stuff, that's how they survive!"

"Yeah, but they only attack for food, not for fun! Wolves never take more than they need and they only kill when they absolutely need to!"

"That's crap! Those stupid wolves killed my dog and attacked my uncle, that's all I'm saying!"


"GODDAMN!! STOP TRYING TO JUSTIFY IT!!! YOU wanted to know why someone might not like wolves and I'm telling you, so listen and shut the fuck up!!"

And even in the cases that a person has never been directly hurt by an animal that they dislike, they are still allowed to have reasons not to like it. Maybe someone doesn't like wolves because they think they're ugly or destructive, maybe someone doesn't like wolves because they kill deer and moose and pets, maybe someone doesn't like wolves because they have a phobia of them. And of course the fans have to appear and try to defend these animals tooth and nail, and it only makes the case against them worse.

And it doesn't just have to be animals, it could be anything. Maybe you used to like a certain series but the fandom ruined it for you. There's nothing wrong with that. And if you briefly mention that to someone, somebody of course has to come in and say, "If you don't like it then don't look at or read about it!! Let the people who do like it enjoy it, jerk!"

And it's exactly responses like that that help someone to start to dislike something even more. If it's been repeated and drawn and used to death and the fans get snippy or defensive, then maybe that's why people dislike the series. Even if there's nothing wrong with the series itself and they may have otherwise liked it, then you have noone to blame but yourself for making people start to hate it. You're allowed to love it, others are allowed to not love it. Please, realize that and leave it be.

I could also take the chance to mention things like yaoi, yuri and maybe some hentai here. Some people are huge fans of these things and have no idea why other people may dislike it, and may even label haters as ignorant homophobes. But have you ever stopped to think that maybe someone doesn't like yaoi because they or someone they knew were raped?

Like, I'm being serious there. It's common law for there to be rape atleast once in some of yaoi or hentai, and people find this to be cute, sexy or funny, and think that being raped by someone is completely romantic or is a sign that the rapist is in total love and may or may not immediately realize that. Rape is not any of those things whatsoever. And if someone, male or female, has experienced a very traumatic rape that was painful and horrifying, and they see some little girls giggling over some yaoi because it's so cute and they're just waiting for the big "first-love scene", then can you really blame them for feeling some level of hate or disgust towards the matter in general? Some people who are raped or molested can't even be touched on the shoulder by a friend without seizing up or reliving the horrible experience, so the concept of teenage girls finding what is essentially rape to be awesome and sexy is completely unthinkable and outlandish. Even if those girls or fans in general don't actually want to be raped or find real rape to be a laughing matter, it doesn't matter, the offensive idea is still there.

And if the subject of the matter at hand is yourself or someone you know and there are people who dislike you or your work, then surely there must be a reason. Maybe it's the tone and context that you use when typing, maybe it's because you're so snarky and sarcastic to people, maybe your art isn't as good as you think it is, maybe you fav and run far too often, maybe you're kinda whiny, maybe you post really annoying journals or have a different opinion and don't state it very well, maybe you're loud and pushy and react easily even without proper provocation, maybe you seem overly obsessed with something that is overrated or annoying, maybe you trace or recolor or rip-off stuff (perhaps without meaning to or noticing), maybe you constantly throw around the "you're just jealous!" reply, maybe it's your own watchers and overly-defensive fans who make you look bad, maybe you have a really big ego or come across as snobby, maybe you just like or dislike something and are mistaken for an extremist, therefore only getting caught in the cross-fire of a fight that isn't even your own, there is a huge number of different reasons for why someone may not like you. But you should respect that, learn from it, and move on. Not try to pursue the matter, harass people, or generally make it worse for yourself.

I'm pretty sure a few people really dislike me because of the groups I'm in and the stamps and rants I make, but I don't make a big deal about it. I love to hear the thoughts and opinions of others on my work, even if they disagree with me. Otherwise, how would I learn? How would I be able to see things from a point of view that isn't my own?

So even if the subject matter is something that never directly or intentionally brings harm to someone, people do have very real reasons to hate or dislike something. And if you want to have the right to love something and be able to show that love, then you have to allow people to hate and show their hate of something, because that's only fair. "If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all" doesn't always work.

So if you want respect, positive attention and the right to show your love, then you have to earn it and prove that what you love deserves such good treatment.

Stamp template is by :iconzilla774:
Learn to animate your stamp here : [link]

Updated stamp text and color, I like this blue more than I like that orange I had before. I thought it was distracting. But is this blue too bright and distracting, too?
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I was hated because I don't look like an anime character. I'm not having a complete makeover that doesn't match me at all just for someone to start respecting my work.
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If it were for this, I'd should have now a millon of friends, but I don't have any.
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And no, write is the best thing I do, and my draws aren't bad (not perfect, but not bad).

I tried everthing on this page, but anything is right with me, even when I'm kind with people.

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